A New Home for The Monks

Well I guess attempting to start a blog with a new baby while trying to sell your home and buy a new one isn't actually the best idea (last post was over 6 months ago). But coming out of the baby fog and realizing that designing our new home is a wealth of material and a good reason to resuscitate the old blog. It's almost like we bought a house just for me to play with! Okay, Nick would probably not be thrilled with that statement. Nor is he thrilled with the non-stop mood boards in his inbox or packages on the doorstep.... 

We sold our adorable mid-century Mill Valley house just about 3 months ago and rented it back for 2 months while we searched for our new home. The house hunt was painful as you can only imagine if you live somewhere like Marin County. "A teardown of $1.2m? We'll take it!" We were looking for a big reno project, something I could really sink my teeth into - because with a baby and a 4 year old and being self-employed you have lots of extra time for things like that! Looking at expensive "fixers" week after week became exhausting and we were on a serious time crunch. So you can imagine when we walked into a freshly renovated home in our price range we decided to throw the plan out the window and purchase a like-new home that needed little to no work at all. Ha!

While I was sad not to get to design my own home, I also realized this would free me up to work on my portfolio and take on OTHER peoples projects! And let's face it, the decorating is the fun part anyway. So into the rabbit hole of home furnishings I went.

We are 3 (or maybe 4?) weeks into living in our new home and we are really enjoying it. It has certainly come with it's fair share surprises and obstacles but what home doesn't? We have more space, everything is new and never-been-used appliances are a real treat. Being 15 minutes further north means 15 degrees hotter and there is NO sign of Mill Valley fog anywhere in the distance. (Thanks g*d for air conditioning!)

Looking forward to sharing the process of using this home as a testbed for all my design ideas and dreams. But for now here are the "BEFORE" photos of the house from when we purchased it (note this is all staging and NOT my furniture!):