A Warm Eclectic Nursery for Little Miss Monk - Part II

(Written while nursing... multitasking FTW)

Took me a little while to get around to writing this post. I guess having a baby got in the way a bit...

Eclectic Nursery by Katie Monkhouse
Eclectic Nursery by Katie Monkhouse

I don't claim to be a DIY maven by any means but for some reason this nursery (and my need to be distracted) inspired me to DIY all over the place.

Starting with the closet demolition and painting the entire room myself (at 33 weeks pregnant during a heatwave, mind you) this room was a bit of a never ending, very sweaty project.

The closet in our guest room was the biggest issue that needed to be addressed. It was adorned with some seriously hideous, oversized mirrored sliding doors. The doors always came off the track and eventually the track broke. The closet, which was used primarily as a dumping ground and hiding spot for the things that we had no idea what to do with, was more or less useless. I had grand plans to reconfigured this space to accommodate a little built in desk nook, this would the closet small enough that we could have regular size double doors versus giant sliding track doors. After talking to our handyman to try to price this 'little' project, it was clear that it was out of my (nonexistent) budget. So I racked my brain to come up with a creative solution. Much to my husbands dismay, I decided to take off the doors and make the space part of the room. The room is tiny and one whole wall is taken up with a window and another by the closet so this would allow me to space out the furniture a bit and hopefully make the room feel a little bigger. 

I started planning (and pinning). I decided I would paint the inside of the now open closet to create some contrast and dedicate the space to the changing table. I knew I wanted to create a clothing rack out of copper piping that would compliment the rose gold and copper accents in the room (and give me a spot to showcase Willa's seriously cute mini wardrobe, I am a merchandiser after all...). My first idea was to run the pipe all the way across the closet and just hang the clothes on the side that wasn't over the changing table and possibly use the other side to hang planter pots or something decorative. But then I stumbled upon this: DIY Copper Clothing Rack and decided I was up for the challenge. 

The closet nook.

wrdrobe goals

wrdrobe goals

Artifact uprising prints

Artifact uprising prints

Once the closet nook was done, the decorating began.

All of the furniture was from Louie's nursery so I had to work around/with the dark walnut and grey velvet. This was definitely a challenge because I really wanted a bright, light, bohemian feeling room. The walnut wasn't so much an issue but that grey velvet chair and curtains that worked so well for Louie's neutral nursery felt a little heavy. They will be first on my list to replace when some decorating funds become available!

A few other key items were gifted and/or hand me downs. The Serena & Lily Flokati rug was actually from one of my clients who has it in their kiddo's room at one point but was no longer using. After giving it a luxurious Oxi Clean bubble bath and hanging it out to dry, it was good as new. The West Elm Mongolian Lamb pillows were my moms and had been light grey when purchased and, as I lovingly pointed out, has turned a minty green from the sun. This minty green just happened to match my room perfectly, how convenient! She replaced them with the white version and handed the 'damaged goods' over to me. My bestie, Elle (According To Elle) gifted me the Moroccan pouf because she understands me like no other. So I like to think of this room as a collaborative effort.

Willa's boys 

Moroccan Pouf

Moroccan Pouf

I bought prints for the wall from Urban Outifitters (one of my favorite secret spots to find decor!) along with the copper bulldog clips (cheaper than framing!). The copper shelf is from CB2 and the botanical California print by Platinum Junglewas purchased at my client Maker & Moss in Hayes Valley. 

prints and clips from urban outfitters

I also made the copper pipe and wood dowel blanket ladder (more DIY!) because I saw it in about 100 photos of rooms that I love. So easy! So cheap! 

In the end, the nursery went from the bright bohemian vision I started with to a bit modern-southwestern and a touch girlier than I really wanted but hey, it's all good. And knowing me, it will all change in a year anyway!

Late night party chair

DIY blanket ladder, west elm planter

If you walked into this nursery right now, you probably wouldn't recognize it.  Add sound machine, baby monitor, 2 breast pumps, large black fan in the corner, swaddles blankets wadded up in the crib, diaper bin, and nursing pads on the floor. Real life is sooooo much less glamorous.