Before & After - East Bay Bathroom

This was certainly one of my favorite projects - the tile and the vanity are a total dream and the transformation is pretty crazy!

This bathroom belongs to the sweetest little family over in the East Bay. The goal for the space was to make a beautiful, fun guest/house bathroom that can also be used for the family when needed. The layout of this house was such that this is on the only bathroom on the entry level floor and it services the kitchen, living space, and a guest room. The rest of the bedrooms are downstairs and share a single bathroom - so both bathrooms in the house needed to remain full baths and be functional as well as gorgeous. 


Photo Oct 20, 1 26 36 PM.jpg
Photo Oct 20, 1 26 28 PM.jpg

This bathroom was builder grade, old, and boring. Sorry, someone had to say it! My sweet clients had lived with it like this for two years since purchasing this cool 1920's home and were very ready for the upgrade. 



First, we addressed some layout issues. This bathroom had two entry doors - one from the kitchen and one from the guest room. This didn't leave a ton of usable space despite the bathroom being a decent size. We decided to close off the door to the guest room since the commute to the other door was less than 5 seconds (and overnight guests were few and far between). This allowed us to scoot the vanity down and fit the toilet on the wall between tub and vanity opening up a lot of space to move around. We also decided that since this was the main house bathroom, there was really no need for double sinks. The client requested an "open" feeling space so we decided to utilize that weird space between the bathtub and the left wall for storage shelves and opt for an open console sink to keep it light and airy.  

Once the layout was finalized, we moved on to the fun part - TILE!


Keeping the budget in check, we went clean and classic on the wall with white subway tile and threw the weight behind the show stopping floor. This encaustic cement tile adds so much character and personality to the bathroom. 

Top tip: I always specify concealed trapeway toilets - easier to clean and so much better looking. 

I chose a warm finish for the plumbing fixtures. This particular finish is called vibrant brushed bronze - it is less 'gold' than brass but warmer than brushed nickel. So basically, it always works! The console sink is made of gorgeous crema Italian marble that contrasts perfectly with the black metal base. The glass shelf keeps all eyes on our cool tile and round mirror adds a nice softness.

©margaretaustinphoto007 (1).JPG

The light fixture is a pendant intentionally dropped just in front of the mirror to reflect and amplify the light. 

We accessorized with my three must haves: natural wood (frame), greens (low maintenance succulent), and leather (towel ring). I find that adding these three elements to any space adds instant warmth and an organic feel. 


Please note: The products listed below are not necessarily the same products
used in my project but a guide to help you achieve this look!