Modern Bohemian Mountain Home

My best friend, Elle, just left me for Bend, Oregon. And the only thing I like about this situation is that she has an amazing new house that I get to long-distance co-design with her. I am talking 100 texts per day of links to furniture and decor ideas. I am in heaven. 

The great thing about leaving the Bay Area is all the money you will have to spend on a big beautiful house and fantastic furniture (can you hear my jealousy?). 

Elle has a great sense of style so I know she didn't need as much input as I planned on giving her but I seriously couldn't help myself. I was living vicariously through her furniture shopping and it was keeping me occupied through the endless hours of breastfeeding after Willa was born (thank you, boppy pillow for hands free nursing!).

She wanted the space to be mountain cozy but with a bohemian vibe. Keeping the materials organic and the colors rich helped us achieve that feel. Below is a mockup I did of the room after we narrowed down furniture choices. 

The room: On the left is the fireplace, the round mirror would sit above it and the seating area to the side of it. On the right is the front entryway with large windows on either side that the benches would sit below. 

Elle had fallen in love with the rug and leather sofa from West Elm and purchased those before the move so we were working around these pieces as the foundation of the room.

She is still waiting on a number of deliveries so the room has yet to come to fruition. We are planning a Thanksgiving road trip to decorate, I mean visit ;-) Stay tuned for photos and updates!

xx Katie