Shop Love - St. Frank Textiles in San Francisco, CA

Designers can be pretty territorial and secretive about their source so to preserve their individual style and I can understand that. But every once in a while you find a store/source that is just so good that you have to share.

I remember walking by St. Frank on Sacramento street about a year and a half ago while pregnant with Willa and pressing my face against the glass like a kid peering into a candy store. The store wasn't open for some reason and I took a photo of the sign to stalk it at a later date. It wasn't until several months later than I had the opportunity to pop in an see all the treasures. 

Always a killer piece in the window!

Always a killer piece in the window!

This shop is filled to the brim with the most eclectic and well-curated mix of home decor you can imagine. I stop by often if for nothing else other than a little inspiration. You can shop most of the collection online but for the vintage pieces you have to make the trip and I recommend you do. The custom re-upholstered pieces move quickly and the found furniture is always beautiful and in great condition (so therefore pretty pricey). 

The concept behind St. Frank is one I love and can happily get behind: to give back and support the artisans that produce these amazing goods. Read about their mission here

Don't miss the pillow closet in the back or just  shop them online  ;-)

Don't miss the pillow closet in the back or just shop them online ;-)

St. Frank Sacramento Street by Katie Monkhouse

You can get all of their amazing prints in fabric by the yard and some of the prints in wallpaper (I know, I die). Everything is made to order in the USA, so be patient! 

St. Frank has been popping up all over (East Hampton this past summer, currently Manhattan and coming to Palm Springs soon). I highly suggest you follow them on Instagram and stop into the store if you are in San Francisco! And if you want to fill your home with all things St. Frank call me, lets work together ;-)