Designing Fun Modern Kids Bedrooms

I think I could happily spend all my time designing kids bedrooms (maybe I will!). It is the most fun, creative, dream-driven, throw-the-rules-out-the-window type of project and I LOVE THAT. I find clients aren't as precious about the room and you can really let your creativity run wild.

I have been working on two little girls rooms for the last couple months and as we near the final stages I wanted to share some of the original designs.

A few things changed as we let the little ones give their opinions and worked out some logistics (i.e. hanging chair & ceiling fans do not mix). Nothing major but a few of the revisions requested by the kiddos made us reconsider key parts of the design and this can be difficult when you have already started ordering and painting. My takeaway from this project and advice on designing kids bedrooms is to let them in in the beginning stages then surprise them with the finished product. Ask them silly questions, get to know their personality, let them dream up some ideas and take all that into consideration when you are creating the design but leave the details to the parents to approve.  The individual elements are hard for kids to process and envision so best to not ask them about each and every detail, they will love the finished product.

Here is the initial mood boards for our sweet two year old's room and the final evolution of design.

The mood boards and final design for our ten years old's tween dream room:

Can't wait to share the finished product with you next month!