A Quick & Painless Update To Our Great Room

I am a very restless person. Until we moved to San Francisco, I had never lived in the same place for more than 12 months. I like a change of scenery. 

We lived in our Pac Heights apartment for 3 years and then we had a kid and did what was expected of us... We moved to the 'burbs and bought a fairly small, overpriced home (that I love). Something about buying a home scared the hell out of me and it wasn't just the Marin county property tax. The idea of bringing up my children in a family home that we lived in since they were born wasn't something I really subscribed to. I felt like owning a home was going to be a ball and chain, the end of adventures, and the beginning of a long and painful relationship with gardening.

Luckily I am married to an equally restless man. We spend most days daydreaming of future adventures, so when one of us has finally had enough with this house/location/grind, we know the other will happily pick up and journey on.

In the meantime, we are here. We love California and this cool little mid-century house we call home. The low-sloping roof, ceiling beams, and brick walls still make me swoon. But staying in the same dwelling for over 3 years now means I spend a lot of time looking at paint colors and rearranging furniture.  

After finishing Willa's nursery I realized I had opened the flood gates and no room was safe. I know I can't get away with any major renovations or furniture purchases at the moment so I chose a few little areas to work on to 'scratch the itch'.



I don't think I realized how sad this wall looked until I saw this photo. Yikes. I hate wasted space and this wall was crying out for a little TLC. That vintage brass table was one of my favorite flea market finds ($50!!) but it has definitely seen better days. I originally wanted to replace it with a piece that had some storage since apparently closet space wasn't a priority in the 1950's. Unfortunately, none of the credenzas or cabinets I fell in love with were anywhere near my budget. This little CB2 console great. A little smaller than I had hoped but it fills the space and feels much more intentional than it's predecessor. I stole the West Elm planter from Willa's room (sorry, kid) because the plan had actually grown a little too big for the corner it was in (don't worry, it was replaced with a sweet fiddle leaf plant).

Photo bombed by Louie :0)

Photo bombed by Louie :0)

While I was originally craving storage, this open shelving gives me a whole new spot to accumulate found objects, stack cook books that I have never and will never use, and a reason to buy expensive candles. Hell yes. 

California Modern Living Room by Katie Monkhouse

Round mirrors are having a moment, they are everywhere (including my bedroom). I was drooling over this RH Modern 60" mirror but I settled for this 36" Urban Outfitters mirror. I was surprised when the mirror arrived and the frame was rubber (I didn't read the description) but for $160 I wasn't complaining. 

The other nook that got an upgrade was the wall next to our front door. I have a pile of frames that has moved around the house looking for a home for months now. I was intimidated by our brick walls so waited until my dad was visiting to get some help. It turned out to be pretty easy once we had the right drill bit, concrete anchor screws, and several glasses of rosé.

Working on the layout for the picture wall with my lovely assistant, Willa. 

Working on the layout for the picture wall with my lovely assistant, Willa. 

Gallery Wall by Katie Monkhouse

Next up on my never-ending list of things to change: the rug, the chaise lounge, and the coffee table. But for now I will consider the itch scratched. 

xx K