The Eternal Search for Vintage Rugs | Etsy + Instgram Rug Roundup

I have a lot of fun sourcing vintage rugs for my projects and clients. The thrill of the hunt, finding that perfect jewel, a little bargaining ;-) It’s all good but can become a bit overwhelming at times. Whenever possible I like to source rugs in person to get the truest sense of the color and wear but when the search moves online, I often use Etsy and Instagram to track down the perfect rug.

Some of my go-to’s:


Highly-curated collections of rugs sold by super stylish women - definitely the easiest way to track down a show stopper via the internet. My favorite rug slingers on the ‘gram:

@broomhill_antique_rugs Kelly is based in London and I have purchase a good couple rugs from her for projects and let me tell you, they are ALWAYS even more gorgeous in person! She only sells via Instagram so you need to be following closely and messaging quickly! - Becca is based in Amsterdam (v jealous) and sources super beautiful and unique Moroccan rugs. She’s also a total sweetheart!

@jeanpalmerhome - Another Becca! Becca’s rugs are so soulful. Deep saturated colors, dark and moody - I could easily fill an entire home with them.

@wovenabode - Kim’s rugs are high end and high quality. Soft, breathy hues and perfect patina. These rugs are a total dream.

@vintagerugshop - Brittany just opened an INCREDIBLE brick and mortar store in Oakland, Ca but not to worry if you aren’t local! She is bringing all her goodies online. Brittany started with just vintage rugs and has expanded to a full interiors range. Her eye is impeccable.


@francesloom - Kelly has amazing style and her rugs are perfectly curated. I love the tones of her collection, always so dreamy.


You need to be a little more patient and a lot more discerning on Etsy but you can find some real gems if you put in the work! Be sure to check the seller reviews and find out about tariffs if they are being shipped from overseas. Here are some shops I keep in my favorites:

Boho Flea Market - These guys have a good selection of vintage turkish rugs at good prices. Also one of my only Etsy shops that consistently has BIG rugs.

Old New House - Huge selection of true antique rugs. Bit pricey for Etsy but the collection is vast and the rugs are beautiful.

BerberMoroccanRugs - Well the name says it all, these guys do Moroccan. Their selection is beautiful and the prices are v good. I love Moroccan rugs (especially the flatwoven ones at the moment!) and I think they are such a worthy investment. A total design classic.

VintageArtRugs - These guys have a big selection of hemp rugs which I LOVE. Hemp rugs are beautiful and durable. You can actually machine wash them!! We all know how I feel about a good stripe….

Some designers aren’t down with sharing sources, and I totally get that! But when it comes to small businesses - the more we share, the better the do, the longer they stick around. So if you have a favorite rug source share it in the comments below! Spread the love!

Happy shopping!


P.S. Some links (not all links) in this post are affiliate links, this means I make a small commision if you purchase one of these gorgeous rugs I have selected to feature. How cool is that?

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