The Full Service Design & Decorating

The Consultation - After an initial phone conversation to get a feel for your needs our first step is an in-person consultation in your home or at your job site. We walk through and detail out all of your wants and needs. We will give you my vision for layout, paint colors, usage of space. All of this will be outlined on a form that you will receive a copy of after. You can choose to take the notes and execute the details yourself or if we decided to work together, we will use this as a road map to move forward with. Design Consultation fee is $295 and due at booking.

The Agreement & Retainer - After our consultation I will present you with your 'Punch List' of items discussed in our walk through, along with our design agreement, proposal, and request for retainer. 

Design Direction - Once the project officially kicks off I will put together a collected presentation of ideas for the space and a mood board to show general design direction for the look and feel. This can take up to two weeks. We will review this in person or via email and your feedback will dictate where the design goes from here.

Measuring & Planning Day - Once we nail down the design direction and scope, we will plan a day when any trades needed for the project come in to take measurements and walk through our plans and ideas. This may be an electrician, window treatment professional, woodworker, contractor, or all of the above depending on the project. 

Design Development & Budgeting - This stage is where we choose each and every element, furnishing and fabric to be used in the project based on the design direction we have decided on. We then create a detailed budget with quotes from suppliers and trades. The process can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks depending on the scope of the work.

Presentation - The elements of the design will then be presented to you along with an itemized list and budget for the project. Best to have all parties present at the meeting to make sure that all questions are answered and we can move forward quickly. Once the presented items are approved we require a full payment for all furnishings to begin purchasing. All payments to trades will be done directly.

Trade Coordinating - If we are altering the space in anyway (mill work, lighting, painting etc.) the trades will be scheduled to preform work after the final design is approved. We can assist in overseeing the work but all trade management, payment, and liability is the responsibility of the home owner.

Ordering and Tracking - While the trades people are working we will place orders for all items specified in the presentation.  We will then track and manage the deliveries. Items will be delivered to a receiving warehouse and stored until install day. Once all items are ready for delivery we will schedule  a day or days to install everything at the same time. 

Installation - This is where the magic happens! We request that clients are not present for the day (or days) of installation to ensure a smooth process and maxim impact at reveal. Large items are delivered and placed according to our floor plan, we then accessorize and style your home to complete the transformation. 

Presentation & Walkthrough - After install is complete we do a full walk though of the space and discuss any deficiencies and how they will be addressed.  

Photography - Our photos are our calling card! We appreciate our clients allowing us to bring in a professional photographer to capture the space for the use of marketing, press and portfolio. We try to coordinate our photographer to shoot the project within days of the final install so to not further disrupt your living situation.

Follow up - Any deficiencies will be dealt with in a timely manner and you will be informed of the progress weekly.